by Sabri Lushi

I would never claim that I know politics. In truth, by merely negating this claim, it seems that somehow I am trying to imply the opposite. However, in this life, personal experience means a lot and it is an important lens through which one can see what others cannot.

My personal experience as a Muslim has shown me that if one tries to do something different from what the system expect him or her to do, what others have planned for him or her, in a way swimming against the stream – at least on a personal level, while that is the truth and the right thing to do, life will be extremely difficult and the success will be practically a miracle if it comes.

Probably it is not the same everywhere. Maybe there are some loopholes in some countries and it could be possible to live an independent life – independent in the sense of pursuing the Truth with the capital ‘T,’ but generally speaking it is very difficult.

If you are a Muslim genuinely seeking the truth and trying to practice the truth and ready to die for the truth, or even if you are not a Muslim but you’re demonstrating a behavior which might lead you to the truth, the truth which is diametrically the opposite of what the system preaches, you’ll face hardship and most probably your life will resemble the life of someone who is literally at war because the political system that controls us, I mean, the Secularism or the Global Government – including the US Government, is all evil and opposed to the truth.

Under this political system, be it the US Government, the UK Government, the British Secularism, the UN, or any government in the world – which is the representative of the British domination, the oppression starts at an early stage. The whole political system has been design to control and filter out every one who possibly might tread another path other than what the system wants.

If you are a true dissenter, in this day and age, there are three possibilities: murder, prison, or a life of total oppression – what others take as normal rights, such as job, school, family or business become in fact near impossible.

Trump and the likes want to tell us that the President of the USA – the highest level of the evil system, is a dissenter. This is an absolute abomination. His life speaks about his political deception louder than volumes of books. Muslims should be aware of similar imposters among us, who are becoming a frightening phenomenon.

Sabri Lushi

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