by Sabri Lushi

The Albanian terrorist organization of the Intelligence Service encourages Albanians each and everyday to leave the country, spread fear, make them pessimistic, make them hate their own land – not country as a political entity.

Albanians are encouraged to leave their country. The American Empire – the empire that controls every corner of the world, every city of the world, every country, every single government, every single business, every single NGO, every single organization, uses population displacement as a main strategy to disrupt people’s normal lives.

The population displacement around the world is a goal in and of itself, not a by-product of conflicts.

If the terrorist army of the Albanian spies, as part of the world intelligence service, think that Albania should be abandoned, let them first abandon Albania. Let these terrorists abandon Albanian and I will inherit that land if it is not good.

Go, where? To the West?

The world is run by one single government. If one leaves Albania, they are not going to a different world or to a different political system. If the terrorist government of Albania – supported by the USA, pushes you to leave your own country, wherever you go, there is a plan awaiting you, because the world is run by one single government. The terrorist government of Albania or any other government in every corner of the world is an integrated part of the world’s government.

Apart from wars, killings, imprisonment, oppression, media, brainwashing, economic sanctions, terrorizing people, the American Empire uses also population displacement. The American Empire should possess accurate statistics which tell exactly that when people are displaced, nearly 100% never get back on their feet again. They’re politically eliminated.

The key element in understanding why the population displacement is a global strategy is to know that the world is run perfectly and centrally by one government from Antarctica to North Pole, from Himalayan mountains to Andes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Japanese Islands, from the African Sahara to Siberia, from Mecca to Jerusalem. All is possessed and run by one single government.

Therefore, if the terrorist government of Albania, for example, doesn’t want you to live in Albania, that’s not a unilateral decision of the spy government of Albania. That’s the decision of the central world government to ruin your life. So, wherever you go, you’ll face the same fate.

I call on every single fellow Albanian not to trust the terrorist organization of the intelligence service and do not fall victims of this terrorist organization.

It is difficult in Albania; we all know that. However, the difficulties that come with a possible displacement are far greater. Albanian government should all the time be regarded as an occupying force.

I personally regard the Albanian Government, that is supported and maintained by the American Empire, as a terrorist organization.

Sabri Lushi

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