by Sabri Lushi

Albania consists of three distinctive and irreconcilable groups. Though this has been the case since the British occupation in 1912, the configuration of these groups has changed and evolved over time as well as the techniques of the occupier have been modified according to social and political changes.

The first group, which is small, is the group of politicians who have been delegated the political power on behalf of the British Empire and the USA. Typically, these people are mercenaries and devoted servants of the West. Spies and agents such as Fan Noli, Ahmed Zogu and Enver Hoxha are the top representatives and viceroys of the British Empire and the US Government.

In reality, it’s not difficult to understand that these politicians are the viceroys of the enemy because they have done to the Albanian people what no other enemy would have done. These spies were not corrupt, as many people are inclined to justify their wrong doings. They have acted exactly in accordance with the agenda of the British Empire for Albania.

The second group is the large number of Albanians, for the most part the educated ones, who serve as spies and agents. The job of such spies, who have penetrated in every family, is to control people, to mould the public opinion, to spread rumours, hold people back, as well as they supply with intelligence and information the ruling class.

The third one is the group of those who are considered as class enemies, who were the majority when Albania was occupied by the British, but now they are definitely, in my view, a tiny minority. This group is not aligned with the system. Their relations with the occupying government is not as spy-master, but it’s a formal relation. This group is persecuted and oppressed the most by the government.

The job of this group is to unmask the corrupt role of the USA and the British Occupiers in order to convince the second group to defect from the system. I’m sure that the second group – the herd of spies are not aware of who they are serving.

In the end, the duty of the Albanian intellectuals is to educate the masses about the political truth that has held Albania hostage for over a century; they should teach Albanians about the occupation of the USA and the British.

Today, Albania is in a post factum situation, so it’s not hard to discern the truth from propaganda, that the USA and the British have been our enemies, whose agenda to undo our historical past and destroy our people is evident. The corrupt American Government and the British Empire cannot convince any more Albanians with blatant lies and shameful propaganda.

The goal is to convince the second group to join the third one and eventually replace the class of political mercenaries – the western spies, with true Albanian leaders.

Sabri Lushi

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