by Sabri Lushi

That what we all were ‘afraid’ of just happened yesterday – Russia annexed four Ukrainian regions. This was announced by the Russian President at a signing ceremony. The West has unanimously condemned this last move of Russia. Interestingly, the list of countries condemning the occupation of the four Ukrainian regions by Russia includes also the corrupt and illegitimate Government of Albania, which is selected and supported by the US Government.

In order to understand the political consequences of what took place in Kremlin on September 30, 2022, we have to go one step back and look at the world’s political landscape in a bigger picture.

In this regard, the world is more united than ever despite the fact that it appears to be divided into two major camps. It would be more than naive and counterintuitive to expect the world’s leaders to sit down together and cherish the idea of a world government, even though the UN shows just that. Even from a logical point of view, if the British Empire rules the world, as it is the case, the best strategy is to rule through puppet governments, which appear as independent, because this absolves the Empire from responsibility, and it prevents people from getting united against the worldwide British occupation.

Even though formally the world seems divided into countries, which, on the other hand, are divided into two major camps but not limited to that, it is united and ruled by one power, indeed. In order to understand this, one is only required to be logically consistent, and look at what lies underneath the surface.

Speaking of Russia, for example, let’s look at the facts. It is a country that has executed its king in 1917 and imported a western ideology, that is, communism, which is actually a British political ideology. Ever since, this country has been ruled by a secular and non-transparent government – a group of individuals that have no real connection with the Russian people and no best interest for them. Again, Russia is ruled by a British ideology and political system, not by a genuine Russian ideology.

Let’s be honest and genuine: does Russia have any reason to be against the West? Does it have any political system different from the West? Is the power concentrated around a royal Russian family? Is the Russian political system a making of its people or is it imported from the British? The answer sadly is NO. The Russian political system contains no elements to make it a genuine independent country.

To conclude, the annexation is made only to feed into propaganda, to support the idea that the world is divided, and more importantly, to consolidate the biggest lie of the modern time, that is, national independence. The world is more united than ever. Borders are drawn only to contain and suppress people, not to free them, including those in Ukraine. The British Empire, alongside the US Government, continue to rule the world with an iron fist.

To add, we Albanians have witnessed first-hand what the US Government did in Kosovo. Not only did it not become better after its so-called independence, but actually Kosovar people got more isolated and poorer. The war in Kosovo, which was organized from the start to the end by the US Government, had one major purpose: to kill as many Kosovar people based on previous lists prepared by the US Government, and then render this nation the most isolated one in Europe.

This sham of independence should be exposed. We sick and tired with such games of the corrupt US Government and the British Empire.

In reality, there is no such a thing called independence.

Sabri Lushi

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