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In the “independent” and secular Albania

by Sabri Lushi

In the “independent” and secular Albania, the ruling elite, which was brought to power by the British Empire in 1912, has striven to consolidate its absolute power, by aiming to control all resources, such as natural resources, jobs, lands, schools and universities, retail businesses and the corridors of power.

They have been very successful. In the 1910s and 20s, this agenda was implemented by killing the major owners of land and all those who had a voice in society, and by forcing many of them into exile.

Then, the secular regime of Enver Hoxha, which was a continuation of the same British agenda, declared as people’s enemies all the old land and business owners confiscated all the land of the Albanian people and installed an absolute control over the institutions of education and the means of living, such as jobs or agriculture. Those in the rural areas who attempted to grow chickens and keep a few sheep and a cow for feeding their children, such were declared as petty bourgeoisie, in other words, as class enemies.

The terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha – this British agent, wanted to control even the air that people breathe, so they would be dependent on the regime. That’s why it didn’t let people have even one cow for milk because this meant a little bit of independence. Instead, the same cow was declared as state property, which was taken care by the same individual, but the difference was that this way they would thank the state.

Currently, things are no different in Albania. The ruling elite, which is the retinue of the British monarch, control everything: businesses, companies, universities, hospitals, jobs, retail businesses, farms, schools, universities, religious institutions, and all the natural resources. Directly or indirectly, this is recognized by the system, but somehow they make people believe that there’s no agenda behind, this is just a result of corruption.

In reality, Albania is not a corrupt country. We are in this situation as a result of a well organized British agenda. The British agenda is clear: control the finances of people, their jobs, schools and universities, lands and businesses and means of production because this is the best way of controlling people.

In order to get a job in Albania, or to obtain a construction permit, to open a business or to pursue higher education, to open a course or a religious institution, or even to get a visa to travel to the UK or the USA, one has to be a spy and show full submission to the system. Still, the system is not done. Whatever you receive, that’s the favor of the system on you. Whenever the system needs you, you have to be ready. If the system needs you to work as a spy against other citizens, you have no choice but to respond positively because you’ve accepted the deal of the system. If you’re a woman or girl and the system needs you for sexual favors, you have to be there because the system has done you a favor.

Is this the democracy of the West we’re looking for?

Sabri Lushi

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