by Sabri Lushi

I was only 6 years old when the regime came to an end. I remember vividly the big changes of 1990-1991. I remember the famous declaration of the Prime Minister, “there’s food for six days only.” There was fear. The economy collapsed. People looked like being released from prison. I remember the protest of students in Tirana. I remember also the visit of the US Secretary James Baker in June, 1991.

The country had been ruled probably by the most horrible terrorist regime of the 20th century in the entire world. For five decades, Albania had been turned into an internment camp. People were treated like animals as if they had no human consciousness. They had to show undisputed obedience to the regime; otherwise, the consequences were fatal. The entire population was forced to serve as spies of the regime, where all had to be against all. Wives were spies of their husbands and vice versa. Undoubtedly, Albania had been turned into a Pavlovian lab that experimented with people and their behavior.

The country of the grand viziers of the Ottoman Empire, the country of the Köprülü dynasty, the country of Sinan Pasha, the country of Muhammad Al-Albani – one of the greatest Muslim scholars of the 20th century had become the shame of Europe. In 1990, we were the most humiliated people in Europe.

While Muhammad Ali Pasha – the founder of modern Egypt and the ruler of Sudan, Hijaz and Levant, had made history by defeating the British and French armies in the 1800s and by controlling one of the most important trade routes of the world, his people ended up being ruled by Enver Hoxha – a British spy. Indeed, the British Empire took its revenge. Albania became the first atheist country of the world. It was a dystopia.

Nevertheless, in 1990 the people of Muhammad Ali Pasha were hoping for a better future. We were eagerly looking for changes. However, that was just an illusion. The people of Muhammad Ali Pasha and Muhammad Al-Albani were deceived once more. The British Empire and the US Government were not yet done with us.

Therefore, the US Government and the CIA formed a political party in Albania in 1990 known as the Democratic Party of Albania which was given the job to carry on the destruction of our country.

The mission of this party, otherwise known as the Party of Spies, for it became the den of spies of the terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha, was to finish the big agenda of the British Empire against our people. This party led our country to the civil war of 1997, it stole our cash, it ruined our economy, and it is responsible for having backstabbed thousands of Albanian men, who ended up dead.

The US Government and the CIA betrayed us in 1990. They supported only spies. They formed the Party of Spies. They destroyed our country and our future. Even though the US Government has declared this deceptive spy as persona non-grata, the CIA still continues to give such spies active roles, such as the one two days ago.

Sabri Lushi

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