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The Palestinian conflict

by Sabri Lushi

If there is something which Muslims got it so wrong, that is the Palestinian conflict. At the same time, if there is something ingenious that the British Empire has come up with, that is the Palestinian conflict. When I watch Muslims online addressing this issue, frankly speaking they seem either to reproduce or repeat exactly what the British establishment tells them to do, or they are totally naïve.

The Palestinian conflict is an artificial one created by the British Empire as a major distraction from a bigger issue, that is, the defeat of the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate, and the general occupation of the Muslim lands.

We all know that officially the state of Israel was created by the British Empire. But, as a matter of fact, all the other lines on the map are drawn by British experts. Every single Muslim country in the modern sense was formed by the British Empire and under the British Empire, first as classical colonies, and now their status has been disguised as ‘independent countries.’

This is the reason why the Arab Muslims are allowed to accuse an imaginary organization for the horrors of Palestine, which is Zionism, and not the British Empire and the British royal family. Zionism is an abstract entity. It has no legal registration anywhere in the world. It has no official businesses. It is absolutely an abstract organization created exclusively for Muslims to shoot at – to waste their time and energy. By contrast, the British Empire is alive today. It has a king; it has a capital. It has political institutions around the world and it can be identified very well.

Of course, Muslim leaders cannot speak against the British Empire because they have been put in that position by that empire, their countries have been formed by that empire; Muslim leaders are official spies of that empire; they report to that empire – the same empire that has created the state of Israel and the same empire that the leaders of the state of Israel report to and are spies of.

Therefore, the Palestinian conflict is vital to the disguise of the British Empire’s power and for absolving it from much responsibility. For this very reason, no matter how much Muslims protest, raise their voice, throw rocks and stones, march the streets of Europe, it will never be solved as long as they don’t address it the right way.

First, we Muslims have to accept the reality, that our leaders are spies of and report to the British Empire and the US Government.

Second, we have to accept that it is not only Palestine which is occupied, but the whole Muslim Ummah.

Third, even if the Palestinian and Israeli leaders want to solve the conflict, that will not be solved because it is not up to them, but up to the British Empire.

To conclude: the Palestinian conflict and the state of Israel were created by the British Empire, the same empire that has formed all the Muslim countries and the same empire to which our spy leaders report. As simple as that.

Sabri Lushi

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