by Sabri Lushi

Truly, I don’t understand why the British comrades get pissed off when one simply affirms that Marxism or communism is a political mechanism or strategy that has been used by the British Empire to conquer nations. In my view, there is nothing to deny here, nor is it a shame of the British Empire. Actually, conquering nations is an act of strength and pride. The model of the politician that the British empire has replicated around the world is identical to what actually is known as the communist model of politics.

Communism has attempted to redefine and change everything in practical terms, not simply philosophically; British secularism is doing exactly the same except that the latter has gone even further by trying to redefine the most axiomatic truths of nature, such as gender.

Communism, as we have seen in Albania, for example, aims at restructuring the concept of family, by rendering it a controlling unit of society. Family members can be hired as spies of the government against one another, according to communism. This is exactly the political objective of British secularism. Don’t we see the British replicated governments around the world amending family laws in order to better serve the government’s purposes? Don’t we see the US Government amending the concept of marriage and family in order to increase the access of the government to people’s lives? Family laws and political agendas of the western governments are typically communist agendas. This is not because the US Government or the UK Government are somehow being affected by Marxism. It is the opposite. Marxism is a British political ideology and it has been promoted around the world by the British Empire.

It is true that the West in general, and the US Government in particular, have taken traditionally a more insidious and deceitful political approach with regard to the manifestation of communism. This is the reason why people quite commonly associate this ideology with Russia while Marx was born and intellectually formed in the West, more specifically, in Great Britain, where it is his tomb. It is only recently that the western governments are taking off the masks by demonstrating communism so unscrupulously and shockingly, as it is the trend of the US Government.

In addition, the communist governments are well known for their notorious approach to espionage. Again, the example of Albania during the regime of Enver Hoxha is a typical example. This regime managed to recruit all Albanians as spies of the government, by using everything at its disposal, such as jobs, food supply, military service, educational system, etc. In the end, every Albanian was forced to become a spy of the government, ready to serve the government whenever it needs them against whomever they are ordered, including against their own family members. This is the essence of the British Empire’s politics. Espionage is the trademark of British politics.

Sabri Lushi

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