by Sabri Lushi

This is my Mazda 3, an old car, which I use to work on my food delivery job, as a third party courier. It is basically my main source of income in a country where jobs are controlled by the government, formally and informally, openly and secretly, where the hiring departments first and foremost have to report to the intelligence service before having to do so to their bosses.

It seems the Canadian regime resorted to what any classical, barbaric and spy regime commonly does: threats and force. Last night, the spies of the Canadian Government vandalized my car. It is the same regime that has raided my apartment before in an attempt to take my children away; it is the same regime that has used courts of law against me; it is the same spy regime that when I filed a formal complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council against a corrupt judge, I was harassed and threatened at my workplace, when I used to work for the Municipality of the City of Edmonton as a laborer, a job which eventually I had no choice but to quit.

The Canadian regime is no different from the Iranian regime that kills people without a judicial trial, or the Albanian terrorist government that arrests people for political reasons, or the barbaric US Government that shoots people on the street, or the Saudi Government that arrests and imprisons scholars and the critics of the government, or as any other regime in the world – a world ruled by one single empire for the first time in human history, I mean, the British Empire.

I am very thankful to God that the Canadian Government has not chosen to do something else, but threats at the workplace, threats to steal my children, and smashing cars’ windows. Historically, this barbaric regime has done what only extremist regimes do: killing and murdering children. It is the same barbaric regime that over the course of one century has destroyed the lives of 150 thousands of indigenous children in an attempt to “kill the Indian in the child.” Yes, the Canadian Government has murdered thousands of innocent children. It is that barbaric government that respects no human dignity.

The Canadian regime is no different from any other barbaric regime in the world. It lacks rule of law. The law enforcement institutions are non functional and politically controlled. The police service is under the control of politics; judges are under the control of politics; the prosecution service is under the control of politics, regardless of the labels used grotesquely such as: democracy, rule of law, judicial independence etc.

The Canadian regime is the enemy of free speech. There is freedom only as long as one is a spy of the government and they communicate what they are dictated to do.

My call to any activist around the world who is oppressed, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, the USA, Albania or Russia: you’re not alone, and never seek political asylum in the West because it is a trap. All regimes are one and the same.

Sabri Lushi

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