by Sabri Lushi

Have you ever entered a court of law? Have you ever dealt with a judge? Have you ever looked into the secular laws and legal procedures of the British secularism, which are applied worldwide? Have you ever tried to represent yourself in a legal matter instead of hiring a lawyer? If the answer is negative, then you have a chance to learn a thing or two about the most important part of power, yet the most corrupt and immoral one.

There is a reason why the British secular laws are ambiguous, leave room for interpretation, and full of details and confusion. Technically, the British laws are merely guidelines for judges in order to reach a verdict; they are not clear cut legal prescriptions.

There is a reason why the British legal system gives judges enormous and unlimited power, which does not stem only from the ambiguous and slippery slope laws, but also they enjoy direct unwarranted power, namely, discretionary power. Under the British law, which is applied globally, judges enjoy excessive political and legal power.

There is a reason why the British legal system places special importance on legal procedures, even more than the laws themselves. Legal procedures are not meant to foster the legal consistency, but to cement the role and position of judges.

There is a reason why the British type of courts are overloaded with codes of conduct and rituals, exactly like medieval despotic churches. The slightest ‘misconduct’ in the court of law could be a reason for a judge to find a defendant in contempt, which could be punished with imprisonment.

The reason is clear. Under the British Rule, judges have a unique role. They are the most devoted servants of the state and the most trusted guardians. Their primary role is to obey the dictatorship of the state, rather than upholding justice and protecting people.

Judges are well paid and privileged individuals. They are not ordinary employees. They are well trained people, legally and psychologically. They are smart as well as they are brainwashed and morally dead. They have a special instinct of smell for the perks of the position. Judges exercise a profession that lacks transparency. They are organized as a hermetic club, far from the eyes of the public.

The worldwide control of courts of law, the oppressive and ambiguous laws, and judges make up the essence of the British power. That’s the secret of the British power. There is no need for a British Empire to fly its flag on the top of governmental buildings of every country. Rather, by having the monopoly of writing and imposing laws and appointed judges – the most corrupt people of societies, who are well paid and trained to serve the state, the British dynasty rules the world with an iron fist.

That’s why judges are so important. The British Rule over emphasizes the concept of the rule of law as a smart strategy of covering up its power and protecting judges.

Sabri Lushi

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