by Sabri Lushi

The so called rich and the CEOs do not pose a real threat to us. They are powerless. They don’t have the mandate to make political decisions. They don’t have the power and the mandate to write laws and legal regulations. They don’t have the power to decide on international trade. At best, the so-called rich are simply employees under the controlled economy by the state.

In essence, there is no difference between the free market economy and the planned economy. In both cases, everything is controlled by the state; the supply chain is controlled by the state, taxes and licenses and approvals are controlled by the state. The USA, for example, is as communist as the former Soviet Union or China, as the latter were as capitalists as the former. In both cases, the capital was controlled by few. In Soviet Union and China, capital was controlled by the state, where CEOs were merely employees, likewise in the USA, the capital is controlled supposedly by CEOs, who are the few, but in reality they are no more than employees because they lack political power.

For this reason, Soviet Union and China are called state capitalism.

Actually, if we really speak of real power, there is another group which is much more powerful, educated, trained to serve the state, masters of control and tricks, the most selected people to serve the state, the most immoral and inhumane people, those who hold the literal political and legal power, whose decisions and verdicts shut down businesses, oppress political enemies of the state, ruin lives of people, imprison people for political reasons, ruin families and steal properties. Those are none other judges.

Judges are the most dangerous people under the British Rule. They are those who uphold the barbaric and unjust laws of the British Rule worldwide and maintain the British power. Without this immoral category of people, the British power would collapse instantly. That’s why this category is protected so much by politicians and media.

The British Rule has no issue with criticizing a prime minister, but it does not tolerate the criticism of judges and the exposure of the British barbaric, oppressive and unjust laws.

That’s why the British Rule always recommends to hire a layer because it does not want people to confront the legal system, which is unjust and immoral. To understand the immorality and injustice of the British laws does not require a legal degree. Our natural logic is more than enough to expose the British legal barbarism.

That’s why I truly believe that in order to contain the British injustice and evil, which is destroying the whole world, which is causing so much injustice and corruption worldwide, we need to focus our battle on judges and the legal system. We have to expose them and their immoral role.

Judges are complicit in this enormous level of corruption and injustice. They are complicit in maintaining the British power around the world.

Sabri Lushi

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