by Sabri Lushi

The common mistake that people make when they’re attacked by spies of the government is that they deal with spies themselves, and they fail to see the big picture.

Thank God, when I was attacked by spies of the Canadian Government, I resorted to the best weapon, that is, the freedom of choice, the very thing that the British rulers hate the most. The essence of the British politics is to limit the ability of people to choose and decide for themselves freely. The freedom of decision-making and freedom of choice are not tolerated by the British politics because these two weapons are dangerous. Slaves are not supposed to use them.

Therefore, I made a decision and chose not to deal with spies directly. Also chose not to hire lawyers, who after all are soldiers of the system. I don’t trust them. Under the British Rule, lawyers are liars and deceivers. Instead, I chose to point my finger at the Government of Canada. I chose to hold accountable the regime itself. The result was amazing. It was life changing. I learned the truth about this political system.

I learned that Canada is a spy regime, not a democratic system. It is an immoral and dishonesty oppressive and abusive system, which is erected to stimulate obedient spies and agents, not free citizens.

I learned that the Canadian laws are oppressive, repressive, abusive and barbaric. The Canadian laws and court rules make up a tightly-knit system which is designed not to restrict the power of the government, but to give judges the unlimited power to hit whomever the government disagrees with or they’re considered a political and ideological threat.

I learned that the spy regime of Canada, as a typical government of the British Empire, is the enemy of Muslims. This doesn’t mean that this immoral regime doesn’t use some Muslims against others. The help and the promotion that the Canadian regime offers to some Muslims is purely a war strategy, not the result of indiscriminate policies.

I learned that we Muslims are at war with the West, as the West hates us. The British Empire will never reconcile with Muslims. The fact that I have immigrated to Canada without knowing this life-changing fact is an indication that our enemy is camouflaged, that our enemy has outsmarted us, that our enemy has set traps for us.

I learned also that judges are the most dangerous officers of the state. They are trained to maintain a good reputation and never to be noticed in their ungodly mission. They are the biggest enemies of justice. They are at the forefront of the war against Muslims. The Canadian judges are the most immoral and corrupt people I’ve ever imagined in my life. They are agents and spies of the state. They should be avoided at all costs.

I learned that Canada is the graveyard of immigrants and their families. Immigration is a political industry that has been well developed by the British experts in order to replace the classical slavery.

Sabri Lushi

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