by Sabri Lushi

The fact that people like myself end up living in exile without even realizing it, it is a direct consequence of the sophisticated British propaganda. Indeed, the biggest weapon of this evil empire is not nuclear weapons or other military equipment and machinery, but it is none other than propaganda, lies, and only lies.

It’s near impossible for an ordinary Muslim in Albania or in any other country to be equipped with the necessary intellectual tools to know that the British barbarians are the sworn enemies of Muslims, that the British Empire brought down the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate, that Canada, for example, is a spy regime and a graveyard for Muslim immigrants and refugees, that Muslim countries are under total control of the British barbarians, that’s why Muslim scholars and intellectuals are not allowed to warn people against the British enemy, that the western regimes are in reality political regimes run by British thugs and agents, that judges in every corner of the world are British spies and agents, that the concept of the rule of law is just a British propaganda and a disguise for a horrible judicial system that is directly responsible for enormous injustice that we witness every day everywhere.

So, to know that Canada is a spy regime, with a corrupt legal system, where judges are thugs and agents of the government, one needs knowledge about the big picture and awareness of the global political situation.

Another factor which prevents immigrants, especially Muslims, from being aware of the British barbarism and western spy regimes, such as Canada, is that no one speaks of such topics; no one speaks of the truth. Contrary to what the western spy regimes claim, there’s no freedom of speech. The western spy regimes, especially genocidal and corrupt countries such as Canada, control every individual in society, so no one really has the freedom to write about the truth and the massive corruption of these countries.

For example, when I filed a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council against a corrupt judge who was being used by politics against me, I faced immediate threats at my workplace and I was told that if I don’t like the job, I can leave. This shows that no one can speak the truth in a country like Canada because at the very least they lose the job.

Therefore, knowing the big picture is extremely important in order to survive under this barbaric British regime, which controls the whole world.

I know many others who are victims of the British propaganda. I know a case when a very prominent Muslim voice in Albania ended up in Canada, who works overtime to barely survive. He was an excellent activist who used to educate Muslims in Albania. This excellent intellectual fell into the trap known as Canada, and how many others did the same.

It took me seven years to know the political truth about this immoral and spy regime, because I didn’t know the big picture.

Sabri Lushi

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