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Analyzing the British Secularism

by Sabri Lushi

If we analyze carefully the British Secularism, we will notice that one of its most distinctive features is to pledge allegiance to the State more than to the family or the tribe. For this reason, the British Empire has changed the function of family, as well as it has abolished the concept of tribe, in order to rule people much easier.

Allegiance to the State or to the British monarchy consists of different forms and it implies secret requirements. The core element of the allegiance to the State or the British monarchy is to prioritize it more than any other commitment, value, interest, religious and family obligations.

Many might think that this was true only for communist regimes, such as Russia, Albania, Yugoslavia etc. It is true that communist countries have demonstrated the secret allegiance to the State, i.e., espionage, more because after all communism is a branch of the British Secularism, but it exists everywhere in the world, including corrupt countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK etc.

Unfortunately, this British political ideology, i.e., the prioritizing the allegiance to the State or the British monarchy more than to the family or other commitments, has destroyed the world and torn apart the fabric of human society. It is one of the most devilish and evil ideologies ever exited. Therefore, it is the obligation of us all to oppose the British barbarism, to defend ourselves and families from this evil power, and to expose all of its forms. The British Secularism is the ideology of one thousand and one faces.

Sabri Lushi

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