by Sabri Lushi

July 4, 1776, marks a very special day for the British Empire and for the modern world. For the first time in human history, a new political entity emerged. The thirteen British colonies in North America joined together to form the US Republic, a unique political entity which has no precedence in human history. Knowing and understanding the distinctive features of the US Republic and its abnormal traits is a prerequisite to the understanding of the modern politics and the British dominance of the modern world, and many other contemporary political problems that we’re facing.

The US Republic technically split from King George III of the Great Britain, Ireland and Hanover, but it did not emerge as a challenging power. It did not disturb the power of the British Empire. It did not fight against it. It did not give rise to a new political system. The US Republic was British in every aspect: laws, the political system, political parties, and language.

The US Republic was merely an anonymous face of the British Empire. It was a deceptive model of the British Empire for occupying the whole world, as it achieved this goal in the 20th century with the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

For the first time in human history, the US Republic served as a model of an abstract political power. It did not belong to an individual, but to the people – an abstract entity, and this is exactly the political tragedy that was about to hit the world. We are living in the aftermath of that political calamity.

The US Republic is the political model of a form of government that is designed to avoid responsibility. It is beyond imagination how corrupt and dangerous this form of government is. It is monstruous and demonic.

It is so ironic that the most fundamental distinction of human beings is responsibility, something that animals are free from. If we are not responsible for our actions, the concept of the legal system would be irrelevant. Responsibility is the core foundation of human civilization.

Nevertheless, the US Republic is different. The power is supposedly spread to the President, judiciary, military, and the congress, but none is fully in charge. No one can be blamed for anything. That’s why we hear western intellectuals pointing the finger at anonymous entities all the time: the military complex, the rich, the corporations, the banks, but never do they refer to an individual because no individual is publicly responsible.

The truth of the matter is that always there is a person in charge, not the people. The USA and all republics in the world are under the control of the British Monarchy. Republic is not a real political entity. It is simply an invention of the British Empire, whose purpose is to rule the world, but without taking responsibility for anything. That’s why in America we cannot point the finger at anyone because none is fully in charge. It is the King of the Great Britain in change, but anonymously.

Sabri Lushi

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