by Sabri Lushi

While the essence of Machiavellianism is manipulation and the use of every means to gain political power, the British Secularism is centered on the concept of political irresponsibility and everything that makes it possible. Indeed, if there is one word which describes the British Secularism the best, that would be political irresponsibility.

The modern government is the best example of a political system that takes responsibility for nothing while it holds the control and makes all the decisions. It is, on one hand, a unique dictatorship, but, on the other hand, it appears as weak, chaotic and confusing in order to avoid responsibility and accountability. The modern political system is not designed to take the blame for anything.

In my view, there are two major manifestations of this British political defect. First, it is the position of the British Monarchy, which technically is at the top of the political hierarchy, yet it appears as symbolic. We commonly hear that the British monarch is titular, as if the King has no power. However, if we think carefully of the term titular, we will notice that it means simply political irresponsibility. The idea is that whenever people need to hold accountable someone for political corruption, they must not be able to find out who actually is responsible.

The second major manifestation of this political defect, which is part and parcel of the British Secularism, is the formation of the Republic of the USA, which I would call it a clown political entity. Similar to the idea of a titular monarch, the US Republic revolves around the concept of political irresponsibility. The whole American political system is designed in a way that people must never be able to find out who to hold accountable for the political corruption. There is a frightening mixture of political anonymity and secrecy. The power consists of the so called elected congress, judiciary and the executive headed by the president. While the political decisions and laws are made by a very centralized political power, the political responsibility is spread among the three branches of the government to the extent that political responsibility remains anonymous or titular.

Surprisingly, this British political strategy of avoiding responsibility while the decisions are concentrated on the hands of one is reflected from the highest political levels to the lowest governmental employees. All are trained to avoid political responsibility. From judges to a governmental employee, they are trained to avoid responsibility. Even this idea of asking people for giving consent for ordinary things, a consent which often is forced upon us, is to avoid responsibility.

Indeed, the difference between human beings and animals is the concept of responsibility, yet the British Monarchy has established a barbaric political system, which lacks political responsibility. It is a very corrupt political system.

Sabri Lushi

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