by Sabri Lushi

Seemingly as self-criticism, we hear quite often some Albanians describing our people with expressions such as, “Albanians are lazy,” or “Albanians don’t work,” and so on and so forth. Given the fact that many Albanians are unemployed, which is to say, it is an actual problem that many are grappling with, I would like to give my opinion as objectively as possible so we don’t add more pain to their unemployment.

Thus, it is necessary to define what work is, so we can understand what hardworking or laziness are, even though their meanings are much broader than merely related to work itself. Laziness could be a mindset, a mental disability or, from a religious point of view, a divine prevention of blessing. However, when materialists use this term, they refer to jobs.

Very simply, work is the main ability of human beings to have access to natural resources. For the most part of human civilization, people used to have direct access to Nature. They could hunt, collect fruits, cut trees down, grow food and keep livestock. The stronger people were, the more they would work, the biggest access to Nature was. Then, the increase in human population and the advent of the industrial revolution forced people to move from direct to indirect access to natural resources. A person who works in a car factory gets paid and uses that money to buy the food that is grown by a multitude of people who each is specialized in selling one product.

While in the pre-industrial world people used to have direct access to Nature, in the post industrial revolution period, their access to natural resources shifted from direct to indirect, but still work remained the natural determiner of the ultimate access to Nature. The more one works, the more money they earn, the bigger access to natural resources.

So, work is a natural ability. It is intrinsic. All people are equipped with strong and natural instincts: to eat, drink, survive, have sex, have a shelter, and take care of their family. The desire to work, meaning, to have access to natural resources, is natural. In fact, people are greedy, so all of us are super hardworking because we all seek to have more access to Nature. Therefore, saying that Albanians are lazy is scientifically a fallacy, wrong, and simply it is incorrect.

It is true that Albanians don’t work. This is not because they don’t like to have access to natural resources. The problem that we have in Albania, and everywhere in the world nowadays, is that our natural resources are heavily controlled by the Government. It controls everything. What makes things even worse is that we live under a British global government which controls and regulates the access to natural resources globally. The access of people to Nature is no longer determined by hard work only, but by politics.

Of course, it is more convenient for the Government of Albania to blame people as “lazy,” rather than blaming itself for controlling our resources.


Sabri Lushi

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