by Sabri Lushi

The foundation the US Republic marked the beginning of nationalism as a political ideology, which was a distinct feature of the British Empire. Following in its footsteps, the French Revolution became the symbol of nationalism and secularism, which served as a model for the overthrow of the old monarchies around the world while the British Monarchy itself was about to embark on a very successful political journey.

Regardless of the official definition, as the British Empire is infamously known for the utilization of ambiguous political terminology, nationalism is perceived as an inclination of people to love their country and to overemphasize their country identity.

With respect to the love for the country and the emphasis of national identity, apparently all people love their own land and the country where they are born. It is a natural instinct, so normally this is not what should serve as a political ideology; it is similar to saying, “we like to eat and drink.” No right-minded person would consider that as a political distinctive feature of a group.
Nationalism, in my view, has nothing to do with the love for the country. This does not make nationalists special. On the contrary, they are quite often the worst enemies of their own countries: they are corrupt, rob their own government, and prioritize their own interests.

While not all nationalists might be aware of this fact, nationalism is a political ideology that has one major objective: to serve the British Empire. That’s why it lacks a clear definition. It appears very ambiguous: the love for the country while in reality all people love their own country. There would be no need to emphasize this.

Nationalism is a very dishonest and dangerous political ideology. It stems from the worst motivations possible: division, narcissism, egoism, selfishness, racism, wars against neighbors, and the emphasis on things that people have no credit for. Being sponsored by an empire, this makes nationalism well organized and very dangerous. The love for the country is not enough to bring people together and make them a distinct political group. This is just a cover up of their ulterior motives.

Nationalists are either direct British mercenaries or they are brainwashed people who are used by the British Empire. In any case, nationalism has nothing to do with the natural love for the country. All people love their own country: Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Chinese, Jews, black, white etc. The problem of nationalism is that it is sponsored financially and politically by the British Empire in order to rule the world: divide and conquer. Unfortunately, people are the herd that follow propagandists blindly: our language, our flag, make America great again, the flag day, national day, our border, our dialect, our skin color. In the religion of Islam, all of these fall under a meaningful term called: the Ignorance of Old. 

Sabri Lushi

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