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 Officially the British Empire has not been abolished

by Sabri Lushi

While officially the British Empire has not been abolished – there is no document and no historical event to prove this, its mercenaries around the world claim that it is non existent today. However, whenever the British Empire is criticized or blamed for many crimes and political corruption of the past, the mercenaries appear out of no where defending it. Well, if the British Empire is something of the past, why are they worried?

According to them, the British Empire ‘chose’ to withdraw, so they should not be worried when we speak about its corruption.

The problem is that the British Empire is everywhere: the same old British Monarchy – a dictatorship and the cult of the king in the most classical sense, democracy, nationalism, atheism, communism, political parties, the financial system, the UN, republics, a centralization of global political agendas, economic monopolies etc. The British Empire has not fallen yet. The British Empire is alive. It will fall when its ideology and corruption will be clearly identified in every country to the extent that whoever is be associated with it will not be safe to live in society unless they distance themselves from this evil.

If countries are free and independent, as the mercenaries of the British Empire claim, why don’t they leave the UN? Why don’t they cut off the diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom to prove that they don’t care about the country where the British Monarchy lives?

The mercenaries of this empire love the words: proof and evidence. Well, we need evidence that the Empire of Evil has fallen. Let countries prove that they are free; let them abandon the UN then. Let them cut off the diplomatic relation with the UK and the USA. That would be a solid proof that they are free and independent, and that they are not under the British Empire any longer.

On the contrary, no one can leave the UN – the highest demonstration of the British Monarchy’s power.

Our battle against the evil of this empire will be a real challenge. Yet, we should never lose hoping in defending ourself from this corrupt empire, which controls our governments, our finances, our economies, and our natural resources. We are threatened as never before by a British despotism which has so much control while societies are falling apart, which makes it even harder for individuals to get together and protect themselves from the British evil.

Sabri Lushi

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