by Sabri Lushi

The President of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, increasingly seems to play the role of a sultan or of a reformer, probably like Abdul Hamid II who tried to recover an empire which had sunk into corruption and encompassed by traitors and British agents. Abdul Hamid II was a great Muslim leader and his vision was clear. Erdoğan alike is playing a bigger role than merely leading the Turkish people.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is trying to fill a political gap in the Muslim Ummah. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, millions of Muslims feel that need to have a leader to represent them. Those puppets appointed by the British Monarchy have failed blatantly to quench the thirst of political independence. Thus, Erdoğan, even though not having the political mandate, is attempting often to speak in the name of the Ummah. That’s fine. He has the charisma. He rules the heart of the former caliphate. However, Muslims are not in need of rhetoric to please them and the British Monarchy at the same time, but we need actions.

Erdoğan can come up with a clear vision and concrete steps to help the Muslim Ummah if he’s independent as he claims.

Erdoğan should shut down all CIA schools and training centers in Türkiye in order to guarantee a safe political environment as a prerequisite for bringing Muslims together if he’s independent as he claims.

Erdoğan should start to replace the military and get rid of all those generals who are under the direct control of the British Monarchy since the occupation of a century ago. The current Turkish military is under the British control.

Erdoğan should quit NATO immediately – the enemies of Islam and Muslims. How can he claim to have an independent military while the British occupiers have the legitimate right to control the Turkish army as part of NATO? This is the elephant in the room.

Erdoğan should build a new Islamic university where Muslims around the world can come and study Islam – the true Islam, and contribute to the rise of an Islamic awakening. This university should be independent and no agent of the British Monarchy should have the right to inspect it. I would be the first Muslim to apply to that university and study Islam independently with passion.

To my recollection, there is no independent Islamic university which the British Monarchy does not control, including Saudi Arabia where foreign students have to be approved by our enemies, such as the CIA.

Erdoğan should know that without knowledge and political independence, Muslims will continue to remain under the British Monarchy and under the threat of the Mischievous US Government – the most immoral political entity of the modern time, whose military base still remains undisturbed in Türkiye – this is an absolute shame.

I know all too well that Erdoğan has been appointed by the British Monarchy to do exactly the opposite, but the man has the chance prove himself as independent and positive.

Sabri Lushi

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