by Sabri Lushi

I have a message for the Government of Albania – the ruling elite of our country, those who have been put in power a century ago when our precious country was occupied by the British Barbaric Empire, those who have been oppressing our people for over a century, those who banned the practice of Islam for five decades, those who have killed our best patriots who fought for our country, those who have been stealing our resources for more than a century, those who have been destroying our country in the name of the British Monarchy – our enemies, those who have forced thousands, not to say millions, into exile, and millions of others into immigration, those who continue to oppress our country, those who do not represent us, those who have shown allegiance to the British Monarchy, the CIA and the US Clown Republic – not to our people, those who treat our country like a private property, those who have made our country look like a ghetto, those western spies and agents who are ready to kill people for a filthy salary, those who have no dignity, those who cannot tolerate transparency and political fairness, those who have based all their power on divide and conquer, espionage, bribery, secrecy, confusion, those who subscribe to no moral values and no dignity and no manhood consistency:

Know very well that every single Albanian, who is born in that country, has the God-given right to live, survive and prosper in his or her own land. My personal experience and observation show that the plan of the terrorist Government of Albania – the spies of the British Monarchy and the agents of the CIA, considers Albanian citizens as foreigners in their own country, so they are almost forced to leave the land.

The Government of Albania clearly has plans against Albanian citizens. Our corrupt and terrorist government – the spies of the British Monarchy, makes plans for us, plans that we don’t know, plans that are not transparent, plans that are carried out secretly and by activating spies, plans that we do not approve.

Let the spies of the British Monarchy – the enemies of human civilization and human rights, know all too well:

You’ve killed us, stolen our property, you’ve not spared no one in your cursed mission of espionage, so we are not going to allow you expel us from our land. Albanians, and I am one of them, have the right to live freely in Albania despite your vicious agendas.

We cannot allow the British corrupt laws rule our country, steal our land because probably the barbarians want free energy. The British Monarchy’s army has to walk on our dead bodies first.

The British Monarchy, the terrorist organization of the CIA, and the immoral US Government have to allow people live in their own land. We know that you are barbarians, criminals and immoral, but you’re not without limits.

The British and UK governments are the symbol of destruction and barbarism.

Sabri Lushi

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