by Sabri Lushi

Responsibility is without doubt what makes one a true man. Our daily lives revolve around the concept of responsibility. We trust each other because we think we are responsible for what we say and act upon. Without responsibility, we would have remained in the Stone Age, as it seems we are heading to.

When the communist regime in Albania collapsed in 1991, all former officials, judges, prosecutors, state security officers, teachers, professors etc. – who had committed crimes in the name of the regime, who had killed their own people, imprisoned innocent citizens and destroyed the lives of thousands of Albanians alongside with their families and relatives, they came up with the idea that, “we had no choice; we applied the law of that time; we were under orders.”

This way they absolved themselves from legal and moral responsibility. Speaking of morality – the most intrinsic, natural and common sense human values, they have an answer for that,

“Who are you to decide what’s moral and immoral?! It is the law which decides. After all, morality and everything else is relative. It is the state (the party) which decides what’s right and what’s wrong.” Once again, such people – the Secularists, are masters of justifying themselves and comforting their polluted souls with such non sense.

In my view, the most dangerous people are those who don’t have responsibility. They are tools in the hands of others. They are robots. They do whatever they are told to do. Such have no ideas of their own, no thinking, no reasoning. They are trained by the regime to act like tools and cogs in the machine. In this aspect, such people have given up considering themselves humans – beings with responsibility.

The most dangerous people are those who are ready to kill for a salary, who are ready to do everything the regime orders them to do for the sake of some financial benefits. They are ready to destroy lives of people, betray, lie, act as spies of the government and even play the role of Secular intellectuals, but everything is done in the name of money and jobs, void of any morality principles. Such people are tools, not humans.

The worst people are those who are trained by the regime to function as machines and tools. A judge punishes people for political reasons as the regime requires pays them for, a soldier kills innocent children and women as the regime hires them to do, teachers and professors do whatever the regime has paid them to do so without questioning what information they’re passing on to others. Such people are tools. Such people are immoral human beings – similar to animals in a sense, but much more dangerous.

This is the essence of the British Secularism: the system that trains robots to kill in the name of the regime, and now it is about to manufacture robots to do the same job for free.

Secularism breeds and promotes irresponsibility. It operates on irresponsible people – tools of the regime.

Sabri Lushi

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