by Sabri Lushi

I am genuinely surprised at the fact that we still have food at the store, the technology still works, buildings don’t fall down, bridges don’t collapse, ships continue to float, and planes arrive at the destination, or perhaps any of these soon might take place. I am genuinely shocked because when I see how much people lie and how the social disease of lying has spread like an epidemic, it is a miracle that we still – God knows until when, have food on the table.

It seems that the essence of the British Secularism is lies upon lies. Lying is not a sin anymore, nor is it something frowned upon. According to the British Secularism, everyone should lie: the leader is supposed to lie, the very role of a prime minister or a monarch appointed by the British Empire must lie, teachers and professors should preach lies, the police officers are required to lie, the MPs are the symbol of lying, journalists are the professional liars, judges and lawyers are first and foremost liars, doctors lie, merchants lie, businessmen lie, employers lie, sellers lie, and retailers lie.

In addition, even preachers and spiritual advisors should not refrain from lying. Even parents should lie to their children or otherwise they might get penalized by the system.

Definitely, when we see how much people lie, this means that we are not dealing with individual cases and merely with some immoral people who don’t fear God, so they lie. Lying has become a way of life, a strategy of doing business and politics. It is more than sporadic. Clearly, this disease is spread and promoted by the political system.

There is no doubt that the one major factor which has led the world to this dangerous situation is the dominance of the globe by the British Empire and the elimination of the opposition. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, there is no political opposition anymore. On the other hand, not only has the British Empire been ruling the world for more than a century, it has also gotten rid of every single opposition voice.

The British Secularism lies because this way it’s easier to maintain the power. It lies about the natural resources. It hides its power. People are not told that they are occupied. It hides crimes and wars. It hides the fact that the world has one single government.

Perhaps it lies for practical reasons because otherwise it might not be able to rule the whole world single-handedly. Whatever the reason might be, the world has never experienced such a massive phenomenon of lying, to the extent that people have become fake. We know for certain that lying is a political strategy, not spread sporadically. It is spread, supported and stimulated by the British Secularism.

However, the question is: are liars still human beings or have they been transformed into some dangerous animals or controlled robots? Do they feel, hate, or love, or are they paralyzed and blind?

Sabri Lushi

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