by Sabri Lushi

Immigration has become a real political industry. Millions of people around the world immigrate each and every year, mostly from the third world countries to the West, but there are many cases when people immigrate from the West to developing countries. There are ministries, lawyers, laws, and policies related to immigration, yet there is lack of information regarding this industry.

Most of the immigrants that I’ve met express a sense of regret for the decision they’ve made, disappointment, and in many cases they’ve not found the life they were looking for, including those who have escaped war and persecution. Therefore, I consider it a civic duty and a religious obligation to share my thoughts with those who might consider to embark on the journey of immigration in the hope that this might help them make a better decision.

First, I highly advise you to do research about the country where you are immigrating to, read about its laws, especially regarding family laws and the criminal code. Do research about job opportunities. Keep in mind that leaving your country in and of itself comes with a high cost, so think very well about financial pros and cons.

Many immigrants say that they are aware of the difficulties, but they’re sacrificing for their kids. They’re coming to the West for their children. In my view, this is exactly what you should consider twice. Most of the western countries, such as Canada, the USA, the UK, the Scandinavian countries, for instance, are anti family and implement anti family laws. Be very careful about this aspect. You might immigrate for your children, but soon your dream could shatter.

Second, you should know that for the Secularist elite, the world is one big country – there are no borders for them. The British Secularist elite run the world as a single country. So, leaving Africa, for example, and immigrating to the West, you’re not actually moving to a different political entity, this is to say, immigration is organized in accordance with global political agendas, which not necessary are done for your better future or in order to regulate the workforce. What I’ve personally noticed is that one of the major goals of immigration is to mitigate the political discontent or dissatisfaction that people have with their own governments. A citizen in Nigeria, Albania, India or Egypt, for example, has a better chance to raise his or her voice in their country while, as an immigrant, he or she will need years or decades to settle in the new country, let alone speak up.

For this reason, immigration is much related to political purposes. It is the best way to neutralize political discontent. The idea that the western countries are in need of more human resources, in my view, is a myth. All the Secularist elite need from you is to leave your home country and end up on the streets of Europe, Canada, or the USA. The cases of failure far outweigh the very small number of cases of success.

Sabri lushi

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