by Sabri Lushi

As an industrial and developed country, Canada is undergoing economic crisis, and things will only get worse in the near future, especially given the abnormalities that the advancement in technology, hi-tech and AI are causing in the labor force.

Many jobs are becoming obsolete, and almost all sectors of the economy need increasingly less people each and every day. No job is irreplaceable, whether it is manual work or the job of a high professional such as a judge or a medical doctor. Each profession is either on the way to be phased out or under pressure of reducing the number of people needed.

While those who have wasted thousands of dollars graduating with degrees that no longer guarantee a job, others are facing the dilemma of what career to pursue. Those who lead us, who are responsible for our political future, they seem more dishonest than ever, more deceiving and more irresponsible than we could have imagined.

All they seem to do well in this time of economic insecurity is: lies, propaganda, investment in wars, conflicts, making new laws, spreading fear, more elections, and more and longer election campaigns – before and after elections, asking people to vote for them and then going back to them to thank them for having voted for them.

In this regard, governments, such as the Government of Canada, have invented a very smart method on how to combat the crisis of workforce abnormalities. Instead of dealing directly with the problem in an honest way, explaining to people that the government has been unprepared to face the crisis, our leaders have chosen to manufacture a new product in order to tackle the unemployment.

Canada is the first country in the world that decided to officially recognized more than one gender: male, female, and ‘x’. Consequently, the Government of Canada has invested millions of dollars in gender manufacturing, each year coming up with a new alphanumeric character on the string of genders in Canada.

Last year, the Prime Minister of Canada was committed to spend millions of dollars supporting new genders and all those who want to switch their gender, so the production of vaginas and penises and wombs for men has really taken off. It has become a very successful industry.

At the same time, the Government of Canada has passed laws to consider a crime any attempt to harm this industry as it has to do with national security. After all, gender manufacturing is distracting people from a bigger crisis.

So, PM of Canada has decided to change people’s genders instead of changing the economy. He’s a smart man – at least for now because, who knows, he might decide to change the genitalia in between his (their) legs and no longer consider itself a man. He even criticized the Italian Prime Minister for not manufacturing more genders while he didn’t ask her about the unemployment that Italy is facing.

Canada is really becoming the shame of the world.

Sabri Lushi

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