by Sabri Lushi

The most frequent word used by the American and British ambassadors to Albania is “reform.” They refer particularly to the reform of the judicial system and everything related to it. They’ve invested a great deal in this sector: more judges, more laws, more police officers, more prisons, better recording of courtroom proceedings by the US Government, more surveillance, more cameras, and more military training on how to handle political revolts.

The reason why the US Government – the lapdog of the British Empire, is focused only on safety, laws, and military is because they are the occupier. All they care is control and only control.

The amount of dollars that the US Government – the lapdog of the British Empire, has invested in creating more jobs and supporting other sectors of the economy is zero. It is quite the opposite: they steal our massive hydro energy. This is what the occupiers always do: steal resources and increase control – judges, laws, police forces and military.

So, I agree with the idea that Albania is in dire need of political, judicial and economic reforms, but not the one that our enemies and occupiers are carrying out.

Albania needs an immediate reform of the energy sector. Albanian citizens need to know how much energy is produced as well as they should benefit from the big revenues coming from it.

Albania needs an immediate reform of the judicial system. It should get rid of all the corrupt and oppressive laws that have been imposed by the American and British enemies. We cannot accept the western barbaric and anti-family laws, which destroy the economy and tear apart the Albanian society. In addition, there should be a reform of replacing all judges that are controlled by the CIA with true Albanian patriots, people with integrity.

Albanian needs an immediate reform of despyfication of the country. We need to raise a new generation of dignity and freedom, not a herd of citizens who work as spies of the government. The Government needs police officers and informants, but not a spy system: all against all. That’s dangerous and detrimental to the very dignity of people. Therefore, the CIA should be declared a national threat because this model – all spies of all, is a typical British and American system.

Nothing good comes from the US Government – the thieves of natural resources, the godless political system, the liars and propagandists, the immoral and spy political system, the oppressors and people obsessed with control, the enemies of the rule of law, and the murderers of children and women. That’s what America is all about. They are friends of no one. How can they be our strategic allies?! They are atheists and allegiant to no values and principles.

The bad news is, however, that also those who appear as the rivals of America, they are actually another face of the US Government, which, along with the British Empire, they control the entire world.

Sabri Lushi

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