by Sabri Lushi

In order to fathom how the western governmental mafia works, one needs experience, undisputable facts and to try it yourself. It is an insidious type of work.

On January 21, 2011, the political opposition of Albania organized a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s office. In the most betraying way, four people were gunned down like dogs by the officers of the Republican Guard. Four ordinary people were murdered like stray dogs – ordinary people who were not a threat at all and who were invited to participate in that political demonstration.

But who ordered the massacre?

Fast-forward to 2015, my brother Nderim Lushi organized a couple of protests in Albania in support of a petition signed by thousands of citizens against the Government’s power bills policy. The last protest was organized on May 04, 2015.

A few days before that, the President of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani decided to meet with the protesters. As an organizer, Nderim Lushi was invited to that meeting. A copy of the petition was given by him to the President. The Former President, a few days before May 04, assured Mr. Nderim and other protesters that he was on their side.

May 01, 2015, Nderim Lushi was invited by the TV show “Free Zone” to announce the rally of May 04. Among other questions, the host Mr. Cani asked, “If you’re alive on May 4….”.

May 04, 2015, the rally in the city of Kukes, regardless of having a permit from the State Police, was crushed. Mr. Nderim was arrested.

The evening of May 04, 2015, the Former President Mr. Nishani had travelled to New York for a private visit. Surprisingly, on the official website of the President and his Facebook account, the options of contact were removed . There was no way to contact the head of state who had promised to be on the side of the protesters.

Clearly, the Former President was hiding like a traitor and a whipped dog in the basement of the US Embassy in Tirana.

Regarding May 04, 2015, the US Embassy in Tirana never issued one single statement condemning the brutality that had taken place in Kukes, very unusual for an embassy which reacts for everything takes place in Albania, even for ordinary things.

Mr. Nderim Lushi ended up in jail, facing criminal charges for a protest which was legal. He was acquitted of his charges, but not of the attacks of the corrupt politics and the US Embassy. As it became clear later, the arrest of my brother, and a possible murder, was ordered by none other than the US Embassy, or at least, the US Embassy in Tirana was fully aware of the sinister plan, a plan which was monitored by the Former President Mr. Nishani – a former military officer, a high member of the Albanian Intelligence Service, trained in the USA in 1996.

It’s unbelievable how to western governmental mafia works.

But the question is, who ordered the massacre of January 21 in Tirana? Who?

Well, you are smart enough to reach a correct conclusion.

Sabri Lushi

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