by Sabri Lushi

This year, Saudi Arabia introduced a new holiday called “founding day”, referring to a time when the concept of state was non existent, in 1727. At this particular time, the Ottoman Empire was at its peak and glory.

In a time when the Muslim countries are more separated than ever, when Muslims are more oppressed than ever, when Muslim leaders are no more than mere puppets and agents who fight against their own people, when the voice of Muslims in the world arena is weaker than ever, Saudi Arabia declares another separatist holiday, displaying exactly this situation of the global Muslim community.

In addition, we all know, especially Albanians, that the movement of Saud tribe was not merely about religious puritanism, which could deserve praise for that; rather, the tribe of Saud fought foolishly against their own empire and sided with the British – the arch enemy of the Ottoman Empire.

Also, Saudi Arabia should not fool Muslims as if the Saud tribe fought heroically for justice and with vision. This tribe cooperated with the British Empire against their own Ottoman Empire. As an Albanian, whose people felt honored under the last Muslim Empire, I take this Saudi separatist day as an insult to the whole global Muslim community.

We also should not forget that the British Empire and France always wanted to have access to the Red Sea, which led later to the opening of Sues Canal. The Saud tribe was supported by the British not because they loved a better version of Islam, but because the British wanted to bring down the Ottoman Empire, as they did two centuries later.

Even today, Muslims around the world can see the separatist and betraying role of Saudi Arabia – a British formed country.

In a time when state independence has lost its meaning, Saudi Arabia is adding yet another national holiday related to independence. Saudi Arabia and all other countries cannot manufacture weapons independently, the economy is not independent, the educational system is not independent, the military is not independent, the scientific research is not independent, the practice of religion is not independent, and above all, the intelligence service is not independent.

To conclude, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on another country’s business, but I find it compelling personally to speak up against the betraying role of Saudi Arabia. This country had a key role in the world effort to bring down the last Muslim Empire, that is, the Ottoman Empire, and this country still plays dirty games.

Instead of showing united with the global Muslim community, which is weaker, more separated and more oppressed than ever, Saudi Arabia is doing just the opposite.

The world is talking about a multi polar world: the USA, Russia and China. That could be politics, but where is the pole of 2 billion Muslims in this arena? Is it Separatism? Bread and circuses? Perhaps giving natural resources to the three poles for free.

Sabri Lushi

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