by Sabri Lushi

Over all, we – Albanians – should understand that Albania was occupied in 1912 by the British Empire and its corrupt bankers after a saga of wars against the Ottoman Empire, where the Balkans was its stronghold.

From a secular point of view, the Ottoman Empire had a significance for guaranteeing a balance of the world order and to provide a real alternative to the world, apart from its geopolitical position, territorial vastness, natural recourses – especially the emerging oil, and the custody of the three holy lands – dear to Muslims, Christians and Jews.

To Muslims, the Ottoman Empire was the last central government and the political shelter to administer their affairs and protect them against enemies since the advent of Islam in the 7th century.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the introduction of independent nation-states, which was invented by the British Empire – the arch enemy – as a mechanism in order to maintain its power through spy-leaders and appointed governors was a sad day for all Muslims around the world, but it was even sadder for those in the Balkans; and this sadness was not limited to them only, but included their fellow Christians and Jews living in the territories of this empire.

Clearly, we – Albanians – understand that every government appointed by the West since the occupation of 1912 has been acting no better than a foreign occupier, for they represent and they are the occupier, indeed.

We are in a post factum situation. The facts speak for themselves. There is no need to speculate. There is no need to resort to propaganda and lies. The facts which expose the Albanian government as a foreign enemy or occupier are the elephant in the room.

Ahmed Zogolli, later Zogu – God knows his real name, did to Albanians what exactly any foreign occupier would have done. He killed the elite, stole the gold from people, banned elements of Islam related to women, reformed the society by getting rid of the tribal system so to facilitate the infiltration of foreigners in Albania such as Fan Noli and his likes, and above all, he abandoned the country in 1939.

Enver Hoxha followed in his footsteps. He banned the religion altogether, changed the culture and language and history, killed the remaining elite and intellectuals, facilitated the raping of the Albanian women in an organized way, forced all the population to be members of the Albanian intelligence service, and impoverished the country to the borderline of starvation.

In 1991, the terrorist regime of E. Hoxha was reformed politically, but in essence nothing changed. The country has continued to be under siege of the same people who have been ruling since 1912. Different from the previous regime, in 1990s onward, Albanians went through an ethnic cleansing, by forcing people to abandon the country and never be able to return.

The change comes only by knowing the truth and only the truth.
My dear Albanian, never be afraid of the truth!

Sabri Lushi

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