by Sabri Lushi

Essay on my thoughts about the British Empire 

Without focusing on the technical meaning of what barbarism exactly means, we all agree that it is the opposite of what humans should be and how they should behave. Cambridge dictionary defines it, for example, as “extremely cruel and unpleasant.” Thus, it would be very beneficial to analyze the western secularism, which is, more or less, the most obvious achievement of the British Empire from this perspective, as it holds de facto and almost de jury the global political and economic control. In other words, the British Empire’s achievement is today’s dominant culture and it has penetrated into every corner of the globe, be it positively or negatively. As a Muslim, I would say that the British Empire’s achievement, that is, the western secularism, has affected negatively the Muslim world more than any other community, but my argument is that it has had a serious negative effect in the whole world, to the extent that it might be called a barbaric civilization. 


The first historical major change of the British Empire is the split from Rome – the Catholic Church. Whether King Henry VIII did that for the sake of his marriage or for purely political reasons, that does not change the fact that it has had a decisive effect in Britain’s future. Probably it was the right decision. The excommunication and the founding of a new church, i.e., the Church of England, could have freed the Brits from the ideological and theological restrictions of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

Splitting the population into two antagonist groups, the British were the first to pay the hefty price. The group that the King or the Queen of England belonged to meant an attack on the other side. The British Empire, therefore, was forged by bloody interior conflicts. The execution of Charles I in 1649 constitutes the highest point of the political conflicts within the British Empire during that time. Perhaps, this was the beginning of the execution of many other kings in Europe and for the same reasons: in order to secularize the power. This does not necessarily mean to have a form of power without religion, as secularism itself is a type of religion; rather, the British Empire experimented with religion and religious games.

Another famous royal execution, which was decisive for the fate of Europe, was the beheading of King Louis XVI in 1793 in Paris. The French Revolution, which was classically a civil war, was no more than a triumph of Secularism over the Catholic Church. Similar to the British Empire before, France underwent tremendous political changes. The French people killed their king and his wife, murdered and forced into exile thousands of Catholic priests, and the French people were forced to convert into a new religion – a previous version of communism. 

Different from the British Empire, the French Revolution did not give rise to a new French king. Even Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a direct product of that chaos and the most notable political name in the modern history of France, did not do any service to his country. All he did was invasion and destruction of Europe through his meaningless wars, which, whether coincidently or not, he paved the way for the British Empire to rise to power. In the end, he was defeated by the British in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Surprisingly, he was eventually captured by the British, but he was not executed; rather, he was sent into exile, as if being protected by his masters. To reiterate, he did not achieve anything for the French people except that he paved the way for the British while actually France was rendered a total destruction politically, economically and militarily.

On the other hand, the British Empire’s power was constantly on the rise, by expanding its territories around the world and controlling the most important trade routes. In the nineteenth century, especially during the Victorian era, the Great Britain positioned itself as a global power, regardless of what the factors might have been.

Fast-forward to the twentieth century, WWI and WWII collapsed the world. The Ottoman Empire – one of the biggest empires of the world’s history, was brought to an end by the British. A few years before that, the Russian Empire was burned by the communists and executed the king. The same happened to the Astro-Hungarian Empire – it came to an end. At the same time, Benito Mussolini trod the same path – getting rid of the old rich families and presented the country as a gift to the British. Japan did the same in the east Asia during WWII. Its meaningless war had one major product: the spread of communism in China and the consolidation of the power of the British Empire.

While in 1945 the world was bleeding and burnt to the ground, the British Empire, along side with the US Government, was strong as never before. The whole Europe was, at least, self-defeated by the madness and the apparent meaningless war of Hitler. France was literally occupied by Hitler and liberated by the British and American armies. Germany was burnt completely and ended up as the spoils of war for the British and American armies.

In 1945, the British Empire and its tool, the US Government, literally controlled the whole world. This is a historical fact. In the very same year, the British Empire founded unprecedented world government under the umbrella of United Nations. UN is no more than a clear and formal manifestation of the political power of the British Empire, which continues to rule the entire world undisputed and with an iron fist.

In the conclusion, it is a verifiable fact that the British Empire today rules the world, regardless of the reasons which have led to this reality, which could have been coincidental – the black death in the medieval Europe, for example, as much as in complete compliance with the history of civilizations. As many historians point out, such as Ibn Khaldun, civilizations are often attacked by outside and barbaric tribes who bring an end to the existing ones.  The same goes for the British Empire: some barbaric tribes from the outskirts of Europe have managed to encompass under their claws the whole world. This is a lesson to be learn, indeed.

Probably as any other empire before it, the British Empire has risen to power through bloodshed, execution of kings, massive inhumane enslavement of the African population, theft of wealth, gold, money, natural resources, assassinations, support of corrupt people and scoundrels, murder of women and children by defying any common-sense rule of war, attack on religion, a declaration of war on God, as well as degradation of human race. The British Empire’s history of rise to power is nothing short of barbarism, not only from the stand point of view of coming from the outskirts of Europe, but due to its history of brutality.


If there is one word which fits well in the description of the British Empire and its bloody history is ‘brutality’ – the main trait of barbarism. If volumes of books were to be written about the British brutality, it would not be sufficient, whether about the bloodshed or the cultural brutality.

The number of people that have been killed under the British and American brutality is unmatched in the whole human history. The real number could be unimaginable and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, wars and killing are intrinsic human traits, so to be fair, it is not only the British Empire to be blamed. This only serves as a general data in order to analyze the achievement and the truth about the Empire today in the hope of changing things for better.

It would be more than enough to mention in general the brutality of the British Empire in North and South America, which has exterminated thousands of tribes, killed and murdered millions of people, a criminal activity which is perhaps unparalleled in the human history. What makes it worse is the fact that the British have used betrayal and backstabbing techniques – to the borderline of blasphemy and not suitable for human dignity, in order to spread its power in North America, by killing women and children, stealing children from their parents, breaching contracts and treaties – a typical characteristic of pagans, and by carrying out cultural and criminal genocides.

In addition, the British Empire and its puppet states of Europe have committed massacres in Africa, which, to this day, this continent continues to bleed and suffer from the consequences of the brutal activity of the corrupt Empire. 

Millions of innocent people were captured by force in Africa and shipped to North America while millions of them were dumped in the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the most barbaric forms of crimes. It is true that killing and murdering people, or capturing them and then using them as slaves have made the British Empire rich, but to what price?

Not only were innocent people captured in Africa by the British Empire, separated from their families and tribes, and were sent to North America to work as slaves in the production machine of the Empire, but they were mistreated and oppressed as if they were some types of animals. Indeed, even animals deserve proper treatment. The crimes of the British Empire are compound. When we think of slavery today, the only image that we have in our mind is the image of Africans captured by the British Empire and sending them to North America where they are forced to work.

The brutality of the British Empire is not limited to Africa and North America. The newly rich Empire spread its power everywhere in the world, in Australia, Asia, and Oceania. Its record was no better.

The problem is that the British Empire has managed to improve its public image by often attributing many crimes to other entities, such as the US Government, other European states such as Belgium, for example. Such were simply puppets of the Empire. At the same time, by abolishing slavery, which after all was done for purely pragmatist reasons and due to the increase of other means of control for people, the British Empire has managed to make a good image, as if it is the first political entity in human history to abolish slavery.


The British Empire has typically and famously manufactured a new mindset and a new doctrine on human beings, that is, Darwinism. No one before the British had dared go that far to mock and denigrate human as they did. Darwinism, which for the first time in human history equates people to animals from an ideological perspective, is no less than a mockery of human dignity.

When the Evolution Theory was formulated by a contracted servant of the Empire, perhaps there was a doctrinal need to justify the criminal activity of the British Empire. In a way, assuming that humans are a species of animals, capturing and using them were not ethically wrong. In fact, on many occasions, the British, assuming themselves to be on a higher animal rank, have felt the obligation of civilizing other tribes in the world, by killing and exterminating tribes, by capturing their children and teaching them the British culture, and by building massive network of brainwashing schools, similar to the educational system of today.

Darwinism is not only responsible for the massive crimes and enslavements of the British Empire in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, it is also responsible for the rise of the Nazi ideology, which felt the same moral obligation: to spread the Aryan race, which led to WWII – the bloodiest war in human history. Indeed, Darwinism represents the moral degradation of the British Empire, which was a political system based on racism, unprecedented discrimination and even believed that certain races should be wiped out. To reiterate, Nazism did not rise in a vacuum. It was a British Empire’s product.

There is no doubt that Darwinism did not come into existence as a genuine need for scientific inquiry and development. Hardly has it to do with science, which could have worked perfectly without the Darwin’s theory. Rather, it represents the ideological and political tactics of the British Empire in order to justify its massive criminal activity. It is this one so-called political theory that even today continues to be rejected and it has not found a natural acceptance among humans, which is not the case with other scientific theories. This fact is very indicative of the political weight that it carries.

In my personal view, Darwinism tells us about what kind of empire and political entity the human society has been dealing and continues to deal with. To this very day, we continue to face the negative consequences of the same political and ideological mindset. Atheism, for example, is a direct result of Darwinism as well as the rise of nationalism and the revival of paganism. Darwinism mocks and insults the dignity of human beings and projects on them an animalistic blindness.


The same political mindset which is responsible for the invention of Darwinism – the idea of trying to find a way of justifying crimes, is responsible, too, for the rise of nationalism, fascism, communism and other similar political ideologies, which are the same in essence.

In order to spread its power and then maintain it, the British Empire invented the concept of nationalism and its derivatives, such as communism. By appealing to people’s irrational and primitive feelings of selfishness and false assumption of independence, the British Empire has been successful in the 19th and 20th centuries in getting people together fight against their own empires, typically against the Ottoman Empire, and promising them self-governance, which, in the modern time, is unreal and fictitious. However, it has proved to be an effective way of keeping people under control.

Apart from the false idea of self-governance, which has not been enough to guarantee a total control of people, nationalism is interconnected with the idea of communism, which is presented to people exactly as a new religion except that it denies God categorically.

Apart from the horrible crimes that the British Empire has committed in Africa and North America, which has brutally exterminated millions upon millions of people, the invention of communism, as well as nationalism – especially the ideological aspect of it, are probably the worst ideological and political crimes of the British Empire.

Communism was not a gradual and smooth way of changing people. It was one of the most barbaric cultural and political undertakings that humans have ever seen. By killing and murdering the elite, by starving to death millions of people, by inventing labour camps, by giving rise to brutal and tyrannical dictatorships, by changing people’s cultures, religions, and languages, by changing alphabets, by spreading paganism and radical nationalism, by burning and destroying books and artifacts, by installing a system of political propaganda and brainwashing, by treating children as objects of a laboratory, communism has proven to be the greatest madness of human history. If anyone knows anything worse, let they tell us. The damage that communism has done to humanity reaches the level of being irreparable.

By using the communist ideology as one of its main strategies of spreading its power, the British Empire is responsible for millions of deaths, oppression, destruction and demolition of religious monuments and places of worship, the murderer of millions of scholars and religious clergy. From Russia to China, from Cuba to Guatemala, from Yemen and East Africa to Southeast Asia, from Albania to Turkey, from Greece to Poland, the British Empire has done massacres through its communist movement, which hit and encompassed humanity as a plague.

If one looks at the case of Albania alone, it is sufficient to understand the horrors that the British communism has done. By installing a barbaric government, which has operated more on secret activity rather than on transparent and formal, the British puppets of Albania killed the elite, confiscated the property of all Albanians through a bogus agrarian reform, declared atheism in the stronghold of the Muslim Ottoman Empire as its official and constitutional religion, demolished almost all the mosques and turned the entire population into spies and agents. Apart from such crimes, the British communism is responsible for massive rapes in Albania. The country of grand viziers and fierce warriors during the Ottoman Empire was occupied and turned by the British Empire into ruins.

This is just an example of the crimes and the barbarism of the British Empire. In Russia and China, too, probably more than eighty million people have been killed by the communist regimes installed by the British Empire.

The communist movement might have had a tremendous effect on the wealth and the consolidation of the British Empire’s power and position, but this shows the barbarous side of a worldly empire that still continuous to rule the world.

I dare say that the British Empire is a Marxist and communist empire, which, in order to spread its power, it considers any means possible, such as the war on God and religion and natural human values. It is by far an embodiment of radical political pragmatism and Machiavellianism. It is not a coincidence at all that today Marxism is the lenses through which the British Empire sees the world and by which it operates. Marxism is the default assumption in science, law, culture, politics, literature, and in the educational system in general.

At the same time, the British Empire is as communist and Marxist as it is a pagan empire. Supporting and adopting paganist rituals and movements, it considers this as an opportunity to fight against religion, especially the religion of Islam, which is considered the only ideology to resist against the British barbarism. There is no doubt that the British Empire is a communist and pagan empire.


By bringing down the Ottoman Empire, as the official caliphate of the whole Muslim Ummah (global community) and as a continuation of a central Islamic caliphate since the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the British Empire has caused one of the greatest catastrophes for human society, at least in the modern time. 

After attacks and plots for over a century, the British Empire and its puppet European states were successful in bringing down the Muslim caliphate, which had been one of the greatest and important empires of the world and which had demonstrated a high level of political tolerance and co-living with others. The 3rd of March, 1924, was one of the darkest days for Muslims since the death of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The British triumphed over them and abolished their central government.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Ummah was treated as spoils of war. The British installed puppet viceroys from Morocco to India and Indonesia and split the whole territory into states, provinces and colonies the way it suited the British.

Once the Ottoman Empire was abolished and taken over by the British, Turkey – the headquarters of the empire, faced and underwent existential crisis. The British agent, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk did not spare anything possible at his disposal in his war against Islam and Muslims.

Under the instruction of the British barbarians, he made Ankara the capital of the Turkish Republic in order to overshadow Istanbul – one of the greatest cities of that time, which was not only the capital of the great Ottoman Empire, but also it was home to gigantic universities, libraries, circles of scholars and centers of knowledge. 

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk undertook political reforms in the heart of the Muslim Ummah that even by today’s political standards are to be considered as barbaric, catastrophic and criminal. He changed the alphabet from Arabic script to Latin – as the symbol of the British occupation, burned books, destroyed libraries, destroyed mosques, waged war on his population and whoever resisted, forced into exile thousands of scholars while thousands of them were either imprisoned or executed by this British agent.

Mustafa Kamal – the enemy of the Turkish people and an open British viceroy, attempted to ban the religion of Islam altogether by proposing radical changes in the pillars of Islam themselves, such as the change of adhan (the call to prayer), the prayer – by proposing to make it in Turkish language, the fasting etc.

When we see what the British Empire has done in other countries and the policies it has used, Mustafa Kamal was simply implementing the political guidelines of this empire, no more no less. Nevertheless, the resistance that Muslim scholars showed against the terrorist regime of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk slowed down or even prevented the infamous success of this British agent.

The war and animosity of Mustafa Kamal on Muslims and Islam is the epitome of the British barbarism. If one wants to be acquainted with the crimes of the British Empire against the Muslim Ummah, let them read about the British agent Mustafa Kamal and his barbaric and terrorist activity in Turkey. This also shows once again that the British Empire has always been and continues to be the worst and uncompromising enemy of Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

Even though currently Muslim population makes up almost twenty percent of the world’s population, they still don’t have an independent country of their own, which would look after all Muslims and practices the Islamic law, instead of applying the secular and barbaric laws of the British Empire. In addition. Muslims inhabit the richest lands in the whole word and the most strategic places, yet they are oppressed, poor, many of them are starving to death, they are killed and persecuted, in many countries they are arrested and imprisoned without a proper trial, they are discriminated and they are an object of well-prepared plans of the British Empire against them.

Unfortunately, the war of the British Empire and its tool, i.e., the US Government, did not end in 1924 with the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate. The British Empire’s war on Muslims has not stopped ever since, first by sponsoring national movements, then by installing and changing dictatorships periodically in order to prevent the stability of people, by controlling their economy and education, the military and science and knowledge.

The British Empire’s wars on Muslims are not classical and in accordance with some human dignity principles. The war in Iraq, for examples, which was undertook by the US Government – the main British tool, was a blatant violation of human dignity. A beautiful country was destroyed by the British Empire in a matter of short period of time even though it was under the British control anyway.

The British backstabbing and mad wars on Muslims include Afghanistan – which was destroyed in cooperation with the USSR, as well as Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Kashmir, Pakistan, Burma, and attempted to destroy Egypt. These are just some examples of the continues and permanent war of the British Empire and the US Government against Muslims.

Kosovo, for instance, was a typical example of the American and British backstabbing. While the British Empire controlled formally and informally the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, it managed to pave the way for an apparent need for a national movement on the side of Albanian Kosovars. The conflict proved to be a pure British and American backstabbing.

While on one hand the British and American Governments urged Slobodan Milosevic to increase his pressure on Kosovo, by using paramilitary and mercenary troops – which could have included also mercenaries from America and the Great Britain, they supposedly helped the Kosovar people to form the Kosovo Liberation Armey, which lacked transparency. So, more or less, the British Empire and the US Government were playing with Kosovar people as they controlled both sides, Slobodan Milosevic and the KLA.

The main objective of the British Empire and the corrupt US Government was to undertake an intellectual and human cleansing in Kosovo. The so-called war had clear and well-defined objectives, different from what the Kosovar people fought for. The American and British objectives were to kill Kosovar people based on previous prepared lists and rape massively the Kosovar women. Therefore, the so-called ethnic cleansing that supposedly the western agent Slobodan Milosevic was trying to do had one objective: to force women to leave their homes and rape them while fleeing. In this regard, the Kosovo Liberation Army is complicit, by not resisting and fighting against the troops of the western agent Slobodan Milosevic; rather, they postponed their war over and over again. In fact, they hardly fought.

Once the rape was realized and the killing of Kosovar people based on lists were done in advance, the corrupt and backstabbing troops of NATO interfered and ‘liberated’ Kosovo. In 2008, Kosovo, after having been raped and lost many of its people – murdered based on lists, was declared independent. In other words, its administrative name was changed by the British Empire from a previous one to another one because in reality the whole Yugoslavia was under the British occupation and control anyway.

This is to show that the war in Kosovo was fake and a British and American game which intended only to kill Muslims in Kosovo and rape their women. The same story is repeated over and over again by the British. The same happened in Bosnia, where thousands upon thousands of Muslims were betrayed by the UN troops and slaughtered by the mercenaries of the western agent Slobodan Milosevic. Muslims in Albania and Greece, in fact in the whole Balkan Peninsula, have experienced the same: slaughter, persecution, murder, ethnic cleansing, confiscation of property and wealth – as it happened in Albania in 1997, as well as they’ve faced rape, imprisonment and permanent oppression.

To wrap up, the war of the British Empire on Muslims was the story of barbarism and animosity of a barbaric empire towards one of the most civilized and peaceful population, i.e., Muslims, who have contributed tremendously to the prosperity and development of humanity. There is no doubt that what the British Empire did to the Ottoman Empire, and its permanent wars on Muslims, shows that we are dealing with a barbaric empire one of its kind.


The British barbarism, in my view, is not limited to its wars and brutality against humanity, especially against Muslims, wars that never seem to end. The political barbarism is another aspect which makes the British Empire problematic and an object of criticism.

As the global empire, which rules the world, formally through United Nations and through the installation of national governments and republics around the world, and informally through its monopoly on natural resources, banks, finances and military – especially through its tool, i.e., the US Government, the British Empire rules the world through a very questionable and immoral political system.

First, it has created a political system that is based on secrecy and lack of transparency, which operates with the use of spy systems. Under a British form of governance, people should be all spies – of different roles and of different hierarchal ranks and levels, who, not only do they help the government to control people, but they after all are engaged in a business that neutralizes them as a political threat.

There is no doubt that people should serve the Government or the head of state. They should and must pledge allegiance to the head of state. That’s how power works. However, there is a difference between the traditional form of allegiance, which is transparent and fair, and the British model of spies. According to the latter, spies are not simply informants of the state, who report crimes, for instance. In this regard, there is nothing immoral and wrong to report crimes to the police. Actually, that might be even a legal and moral obligation.

Under the British form of governance, which is the model applied everywhere in the world, especially after the end of the Ottoman Empire, espionage is a form of allegiance but given in secrecy and informally to the government. If people are all spies – in a way informal and secret servant of the state, while they are not aware of each other, all are against all, all think that they are receiving a special treatment by the state; as a result, all people are controlled by the state almost in a way that they are not aware of.

The spy model of governance of the British Empire is its major political downside. While it gives an advantage to the state in terms of controlling people easily and in the most effective way, it undermines the very nature of humans – their consciousness and freedom. Humans, in order to be natural, they need an environment which allows them decide freely and maintain a level of dignity – which has to do with the core trait of them: free choice. By forcing people to become all spies, this could result into a moral and intellectual catastrophe, maybe unpredictable and unimaginable. That’s why, in my opinion, we notice social phenomena in this time and age that have never been witnessed before in human history. People have become zombies and lost their dignity and basic independent human intellectual ability – which is necessary to render them free so to make their own decisions. In short, oppressed people, who do not act freely and consciously, are dangerous; they are not natural, exactly as we are witnessing in the world nowadays.

There is no doubt that this is not the fault of the British Empire only. Empires are driven by the desire to rule and control, especially pagan empires such as the British one. It is also the fault of people that one by one have accepted this immoral, degenerated and corrupt British model of governance, which seeks to control people through espionage and unfair political techniques.

Speaking of political techniques, the British Empire also has made use of the divide and conquer one. It has perhaps managed to use this immoral and inhumane political model of power more than any other empire before. This could be explained by the massive wealth that the British Empire has accumulated, as well as by the removal of religion – which is the guidance of moral values, and by spreading pagan and nationalist ideologies throughout the world – which inevitably aims at dividing people. Indeed, one of the consequences of paganism and false religions is that they divide people and appeal to wrong primitive behaviour: thinking of here and now and immediate interests. True religion, on the other hand, encourages and even forces people to get united as it is a greater good for all members of the society, and it builds that unity on transparency, reason and conviction that it is better for all. That’s why empires are inclined to hate religion. The British Empire is no different in this regard. As I mentioned, the British Empire has mastered the political art of divide and conquer, which is the exact opposite what a true religion aims at.

Another problematic aspect of the British model of governance is the political process of election and political parties. The concept of a group of people electing one of them to lead is not intrinsically wrong at all. However, the British model of elections is fraud and theatrical, and it consists of a multitude of issues.

First, the concept of changing governments and other local leaders very frequently is not necessary and intrinsically good and positive. While some might argue that by changing prime ministers periodically, there is a better chance to receive a better political product. This is doubtless a very shallow way of thinking. Changing a prime minister does not guarantee that the next one is going to do better. What would make a prime minister govern better is legal accountability and punishment. If the British model of governance wants to tell us that removing a prime minister, after they’ve caused much harm to people, is a type of punishment, it is no more than a political joke. This is exactly the very problem of political elections of the British model of governance: its main purpose is to give people the impression that things are changing while in reality it lacks accountability. It is a fraudulent political model.

Second, political parties, which the British model of governance promotes so much, are simply theatrical groups. They have not been invented with the intention of producing a more just and effective political system. Quite the contrary, the purpose of political parties is merely to mislead and control people, to divide them on trivial issues, to keep them busy, to engage them on meaningless political topics, to increase hatred and disunity, to force them believe a surreal political model, and to give the government or the power enormous access to people in a secret and informal way. Political parties can get away with many non transparent and questionable activities. They also play a very important role to take the blame for the political corruption and failure that a country could face instead of blaming the state and the British model of governance. In any case, empires are forged by wars and are maintained by an iron fist; they are not changed by bogus elections.

Third, even if the process of political election could be a good way of giving people the right to have their say on who is going to govern, in reality candidates and who is going to win are prepared behind the scenes. Empires cannot really risk to allow people – random people who come from the masses and not the circle of elite, be elected. Let’s be genuine, if any citizen has even a slight chance to be elected, it would result into a very profitable business and many, many individuals will be invested in this industry; therefore, there would be a real chaos and a political conflict. The candidates that we see are all pre-selected by the Empire as well as the winners are decided in advance. Logically and logistically, the Empire cannot afford the opposite.


There is no doubt that the global British Empire has built a worldwide model of judiciary, which consists of highly controlled and obedient judges, whose main job is not to settle the disputes among people, defend their rights, pass sentences on those who wrong others. The primary job of a judge according to the British model of governance is to serve the state and protect the power, which is to say, the political persecution and a special focus on the enemies of the state are without doubt the number one priorities of a judge.

Likewise, laws of the Empire are ambiguous, unclear, abusive, leave much room for interpretation, and they give judges much power, including discretionary power. Thus, laws of the Empire are not formulated in a way which allow fair judicial trials and verdicts, equality before law, consistency, lack of judicial abuse, and a real separation of the power from the court verdicts. Regardless of claiming the opposite, the courts of the Empire – the worldwide judicial system, are not independent. It is the worse model that can practically exist.

It goes without saying that this model of court system is much convenient for the Empire and the maintenance of its power worldwide. After all, the Empire is not interested in delivering justice, which, in that case, it would be to leave nations alone. In fact, there cannot be expected to have a just and fair judicial system from an empire that has so much power and rules in a very non-transparent way. Thus, even from a legal perspective, the British Empire is barbaric and has installed a horrible system around the world.


For an empire that is obsessed with control and the maintenance of its power, and which does not subscribe to any transcendental principles and moral values – rather, it has adopted a pagan and materialist political system, educational system and family are utilized excessively by the Empire.

Considering that the British Empire rules the whole world, which is to say that it faces tremendous challenges in maintaining its control, accessing people on a family level is the most effective way of ruling them. In this regard, the British Empire has raised a whole political industry which deals exactly with the concept of family, and everything related to it. This includes worldwide policies against the building block of society, weakening the power of the family level, changing laws by making it a means of control, rather than a unit of prosperity, by spreading the network of spies in every family, by giving wrong models, by inciting domestic violence, by making sure that in every tribe and family the power and the decision making belong to the wrong people, by replacing the traditional patriarchal model with a chaotic and weak one, by passing laws which criminalize certain behaviors related to family in the name of protecting people, and by changing the whole definition of marriage.

It is only understandable that an empire – a pagan and barbaric one, which considers the majority of the world as enemies, and given the fact that it rules the highest number of people the world has ever seen, it is much easier for it to have a population which is attacked at the family level – without letting people grow strong and united. This is common sense and logical, at least for the empire; as for the majority of people, they are heedless and neglectful regarding this bitter fact.

On the other hand, the educational system and the media are the perfect tools to tame the subjects of the Empire. Therefore, the purpose of the educational system – the vast network of schools and universities, is to brainwash people, to undo their natural common sense and instincts of survival and inquiry, to keep them busy, to make them waste the best time of their lives, to make them spend money in a school system which guarantees them for the most part nothing, and in the end, certify them for their inability. The Empire is not in need of knowledge and smart people; rather, it is in need of fools, stupid people who are not able to navigate through a complicated world of information, and people who lack critical thinking. The Empire needs only slaves and servants, not thinkers.

Apart from being the places of brainwashing, schools of the British Empire play a key role in collecting important information about children. The British Empire operates on information. It needs statistics. The Empire needs the records for each child, including their abilities, IQ, what they think, their special traits and characteristics, their potential abilities based on their genetics and intellect capacity etc. Not only does such information help the Empire select the right people who are going to serve it, but also it can be used to identify early enough those children who could pose a threat to the Empire, so they are oppressed and blocked. Therefore, the educational system is much controlled and non-transparent than many people think. Definitely, it is not a sporadic corruption which universities suffer from; it is the unfair educational system that the British Empire has built around the world.

In addition, the media is central in the Empire’s means of control. By having a total monopoly on the media around the world, the British Empire has unprecedented access to people and their lives. Without the media, this vast empire could have been not possible to last even a short period of time.

The media preaches day and night. It distorts the reality. It keeps people busy. It molds the public opinion. It spreads fear and scares people when needs be. Likewise, it gives people a false sense of hope. It has the power to make the bad appear as good and to make the good appear as bad. It has the ability to convince people. The media has the ability to make us believe that a war is happening while it can cover up another one which is real. By being the absolute monopoly of the British Empire, the media is the biggest weapon that this empire possesses, far greater than the military weapons.

In a nut shell, the British Empire has taken the concept of control to the next level. The true control of the British Empire is not through police officers and courts of law. On the contrary, the British Empire has built a sophisticated and well-organized system of control, which starts with family – by either destroying families or using it as a means of control, schools and the massive information that they provide for the Empire, by using educational tactics in order to deter students from knowledge – by projecting on them failure, and the control through media, which is a typical monopoly of the British Empire.

Indeed, the control that the Empire exercises is too much for faulty human systems. Even if its intentions are good, with such an excessive control, the Empire is prone to do more harm than good. Unfortunately, this is the case – the Empire has done more harm than good. The British Empire is attempting to control the human mind to the extent that it could lead to unpredictable phenomena and results. Being obsessed with such a level of control is no short of barbarism and brutality. Once again, the British Empire has proven itself to be an empire of barbarism and brutality.


Another aspect which the British Empire has consolidated its control is the economy. In fact, the Empire’s control would have been not as dangerous and problematic if the world of business, entrepreneurship and investments was more relaxed. Even though in some countries the British Empire has introduced the concept of free entrepreneurship, in reality the level of control is huge. After all, the British Empire is obsessed with control, which is normal for a pagan and enslaving empire, so it cannot tolerate a free and uncontrolled circulation of money and wealth. I am not referring here to the system of taxes and banks, but also to the ownership of businesses. More or less, it is the Empire which decides who is going to own businesses, who is going to become successful among them, and whoever escapes the means of control, there are legal mechanisms to bring them down.

To conclude, it would be foolish to believe that the British Empire, the one which de facto and de jury rules the world, which is obsessed with control as it is a pagan empire, is going to allow money and wealth circulate freely – outside the obsessive control of the Empire. In addition, those who are independent thinkers, who exercise independent decision-making ability, and who have a political and intellectual capacity face even more challenges. The Empire cannot tolerate such people have access to money, meaning, to jobs, businesses and other means of wealth.

Indeed, this is another barbaric aspect of the British Empire.


While WWI and WWII caused millions of deaths and incalculable amount of material and infrastructure damage to human society, it only consolidated the undisputed power of the British Empire, by making it for the first time in human history the global empire, which rules without an opposition or a political threat. Therefore, when we talk about the British Empire, we are not talking about something which belongs to the past; rather, we are talking about the one which rules the world today, which affects our lives, which controls our courts and local or national governments, which controls our educational system, and which has the absolute monopoly on the media, finances, banks, and economy.

Whether it has been a blessing or a curse to the world, there is no doubt that the British Empire has its dark sides and problematic aspects. It is an empire obsessed with control and it has much invested in this particular political aspect, by installing a sophisticated system of collecting information about children and forming models of control, by controlling the media, by controlling money and wealth, and above all, by creating a political system of spies and divide and conquer.

Indeed, the British Empire, which is a pagan and Machiavellian empire, is responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of people, often not in the battle fields, as well as it responsible for the spread of communism around the world as its main political strategy of spreading and maintaining its power, for spreading atheism and secularism as a political strategy to get rid of traditional religions, for and sponsoring revolutions and coup d’états and disturbing the well-being of people.  

If the achievements and the deeds of the British Empire were to be put on a fair and just scale, there is no doubt that it is a barbaric and brutal empire, which has caused humanity much harm and continues to hold our human society hostage with its obsessive level of control, which starts from the family level. The corrupt British Empire has not spared anything possible at its disposable to spread and consolidate its power, including human desecration, and insult and disrespect to human dignity, such as by giving rise to Darwinism.

We need to speak the truth to the Empire; otherwise, we all would be complicit in its barbarism, crimes and brutality. If this corrupt empire continues with its obsessive control on humanity, the result could be unimaginable, as we have started to witness troubling phenomena. This pagan empire is merely driven by the desire to accumulate wealth, control people and maintain its power; it lacks any moral principles, so nothing would stop it from seeking refuge to anything which would help it to keep its power.

Peace and prosperity for humanity requires courage and to speak the truth to the Empire.

Sabri Lushi

Independent Writer

October 10, 2022

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