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National independence is just a term whose meaning is not as we commonly assume

by Sabri Lushi

Based on my personal observation, there is one fundamental thing which makes people misunderstand a great number of other things, and that is, national independence. It is the one wrong assumption that keeps people inside the box. People assume that there are countries, governments, political parties, regions, political and economic blocs, international organizations, kingdoms, etc. The world seems so fragmented that makes it almost impossible to get the full picture of politics.

Nevertheless, we are not to be blamed. Perhaps, this is the only time in the whole human history when the entire globe is ruled by one central power; it lacks competition, and it has no opposition. That’s why there are so many lies perpetrated in the world that people are forced to believe and accept as truths because there is no political alternative and there is no opposition to the power which would expose them.

National independence is just a term; it is not a reality the way we assume. Officially and formally, no single country in the world is independent of the British Empire or the World Government. We should not confuse administrative borders with political independence.

One might argue that Russia and China are examples of true independent countries. To respond to this argument requires only a little bit rational thinking and intellectual consistency. Russia and China are communist countries. Communism was not invented in Russia, but in the western Europe, more specifically by the British Empire. This fact would be more than enough to reach the conclusion that the British Empire does not have an opposition. There cannot be political opposition when the ideology is the same.

On the other hand, Russia has proven so far to be the best political project of the British Empire. I would argue that even the natural resources of the Indian subcontinent have not contributed to the British Empire’s power the way Russia has, regardless of the political propaganda and rhetoric that we hear day after day. Russia is merely an extension of the British Empire. From the massacres of Stalin, WWII, Afghanistan, the grand scale deception of Muslims in Syria to the fake war of Ukraine, Russia has exposed itself to be the heart of the British Empire.

To reiterate the main idea, the key to having a clear and better picture of many political issues and understand the world of politics is to think of a world as a single state, where national independence is no more than administrative borders set by the British Empire to serve its interests. National independence is just a term whose meaning is not as we commonly assume.

Sabri Lushi

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