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My condolences to all my fellow Albanians on this November 28

by Sabri Lushi

My condolences to all my fellow Albanians on this November 28. This day symbolizes the downfall of the Albanian nation. 110 years ago, our enemies in the West in cooperation with spies and agents within our people sold our future and split our people into five or six countries.

Once a great nation – grand viziers of the Ottoman Empire, once they symbolized the fear of Europe, they ended up in 1912 as the most humiliated nation of the continent.

The historical facts speak louder than the propaganda. The Albanian nation did not become independent, but a split nation. Our lands became spoils of war for the British Empire. Our borders were drawn by the British politicians in the most divide-and-conquer way.

The fact that Albania has been ruled by terrorist regimes, the fact that Albanian people were killed and executed by the Zogu’s and Hoxha’s regimes, the fact that our lands were confiscated by the Government, the fact that we ended up being ruled by the most terrorist regime of the 20th century – the communist and atheist regime of Enver Hoxha, the fact that our people in 1991 looked more like zombies than real human beings, the fact that our people have been forced to serve as spies of the government in order to live, the fact that our people are forced to leave their own country and roam the streets of Europe as undocumented immigrants, the fact that we don’t have national strategies of development, all of these indicate that in 1912 we were occupied by the British Empire and continue to live under occupation.

Besides, those who proclaimed the independence in Vlora in 1912, who gave them the authority and the mandate? Was our country without a government? Why didn’t they do so in Yannena, Shkodra, Prizrend? Who gave them more right to represent Albanians than people in Shkodra, in Yannina, in Skopje, in Elbasan, in Durres, in Prizrend? Were they elected?

In reality, they were authorized and instructed by the British Empire to declared a symbolic independence in order to split our territories? By all accounts, Ismail Qemali and his followers were spies and agents of the British Empire, who sold our future?

Ismail Qemali was not the most distinguished politician, but the most accepted and the only one recognized by the British Empire as he was a spy and an agent.

What kind of Albania did he save when three quarters of the territories were outside of the current Republic of Albania?

Again, my condolences to all Albanians on this sad day for our nation, which has ended up ruled by spies and agents.

We deserve better, indeed.

Sabri Lushi

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